Bishop Crosby’s Christmas Message 2021

My dear friends,

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light:
those who lived in a land of deep darkness – on them light has shone!” Is. 9.2

The fact that we are now dealing with the Omicron variant of the pernicious COVID-19 virus is discouraging indeed. We have worked so hard to do what we can to “manage” the pandemic protocols, but the daily bad news of increased infections, after we thought we were getting ahead of things, makes it difficult to remain positive.

The scripture passages given to us by the Church in the daily readings during the Christmas season remind us over and over again that we are a people of HOPE – darkness does not overwhelm us. The powerful recounting of the Christmas story lifts us up out of darkness, sadness, and sorrow, and reminds us that God has given us a Saviour who is Christ the Lord.  This announcement gladdens us and reassures us that the Lord is with us – especially in the darkest of nights.  It is the blessing of Christmas!

May the God of infinite goodness,
who by the Incarnation of his Son has driven darkness from the world
and by that glorious Birth has illumined this most holy night,
drive far from you the darkness of death
and illumine your hearts with the light of life!

(From the solemn blessing of Midnight Mass)

Merry Christmas!  Enjoy the season.

Sincerely in Christ and Mary Immaculate,

 +Douglas Crosby, OMI
(Most Rev.) Douglas Crosby, OMI
Bishop of Hamilton