4th Sunday of Easter – April 25, 2021

Acts 4:7-12 

1 John 3:1-2 

John 10:11-18 

In the liturgy of baptism for infants, the child is anointed with the oil of chrism  immediately following the moment of baptism. It signifies that the child is “set apart” – begins a unique relationship with Jesus in the Church. 

Chrism is used in two other sacraments – Confirmation, Holy Orders – to  signify the person has been set apart.  

This Sunday is known as “VOCATION SUNDAY” – a time to celebrate the  gift of priesthood and religious life to the Church.  

It is also an opportunity to reflect on our basic call as a Christian – a follower  of Jesus Christ. 

We see Peter many times in the Acts of the Apostles using the Scriptures to  reveal more and more about “Who is Jesus?” Peter speaks with assurance as he was  filled with the Holy Spirit and knew he was sent to call others into the Christ event. 

Jesus gives us the well-known image of the Good Shepherd in the gospel  today. The response to the voice of the Shepherd is one in which the word is  “heeded” which implies consistent behaviour with the one who is being followed.  This is carried out through the grace of our baptism. By the love with which Jesus dies for the sheep reveals His love for the Father. 

As we continue to celebrate the new life of the risen Lord, let us continue to  respond in charity with those around us.