2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – “COME AND SEE”

1 Samuel 3:3b-10,19 

John 1:35-42 

There is a story of a couple who became engaged over Christmas. He told her his present for her was on the tree. It was a bulb, it read “Merry Christmas”, then she turned it around, it read, “Will you marry me?” 

Marriage is one of the “particular” vocations in the life of the church – religious life, priesthood and the single life are the others. As different as each is, they share a lot in common. 

We see in the call of Samuel that it took him a while before he is able to be properly disposed to hear. His recognition of the voice of the Lord occurs when he says. “speak Lord, your servant is listening”. He of course needs the wisdom of Eli to help him get there! The setting is importance – it was near the ark which was symbolic of God’s presence. 

The invitation by Jesus to “Come and See” is given after Andrew’s curiosity to find out where Jesus lives. The desire is key to the invitation. We really can’t stay with Jesus if we are not willing to take the journey he is taking. 

In this time of the pandemic, “voices” are important. We strive to listen what is being asked of us by the Lord – we seek his will in a time when it is difficult. Our basic call to be a Christian comes from our baptism – it is not self-serving but one of service. What is the Lord asking me during this time?