A special “Ministry” that I embrace each year is to plant flowers on my parents’ grave at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.  This means of course, watering them occasionally throughout the summer – I’m grateful for others who also drop by to give the plants a “drink.”

This year I went on Friday, May 22 to do the planting and as usual, I bought the plants at the green house at the cemetery (Holy Sepulchre). Somehow, this year seemed different and here’s why!  They offered a new colour of petunia – salmon.  The decision was made – something new, which of course is what this virus is all about.  I’m grateful that my parents taught me that while life can be difficult – those times are times of opportunity and grace.  The newness of this “salmon” colour reminded me of the spirit of trust in moving forward in difficult times.

At this time, I think more of my parents who taught me the value of “less is more” and “waste not want not.”  These values seem so necessary these days and will be as we move forward.

Maybe this as a time to think of a loved one who has passed on and instilled a particular value in you which is extra meaningful at this time.

Daily Scripture Reading:

Sunday June 7 – (2 Corinthians 13.11-13)

Monday June 8 – (Matthew 5.1-12)

Tuesday June 9 – (Matthew 5.13-16)

Wednesday June 10 – (Matthew 5.17-19)

Thursday June 11 – (Matthew 10.7-13)

Friday June 12 – (1 Kings 19.9a,11-16)

Saturday June 13 – (1 Kings 19.16b, 19-21)